Are Cats All Dark Meat

It was one of the perfect spring days.  The sun was out, the breeze was light, and it was just warm enough I didn’t need a jacket.  As I drove down the road a small kitten acted like he was going to jump out into the road in front me.  Then, in an instant, the... Continue Reading →

Places Unknown

My youngest daughter wants something none of the other kids ever do, to be surprised. If I tell her that we are going to go on a date, her first request is always the same, “don’t tell me where we are going, I want it to be a surprise.” We will spend the next hour... Continue Reading →

Hard Wood

Several years back I found a few extra hours while I was traveling for business near Hartford Connecticut.  As I drove an unfamiliar street, I saw a sign for Trinity College right in the heart of the City.  The transition from the cold urban chaos to something peaceful and old worldly was palpable as I... Continue Reading →

True Love is Boring

There’s nothing like waking up next to the woman that I’ve been able to call my wife for the last twenty years.  It’s exactly like a great chick flicks show it.  There’s a golden ray of sunshine breaking through the white lace curtains.  Her hair cascades down her cute little shoulder that is sticking out... Continue Reading →

Country Vet

Dr. Drew & Yellow (PC MikiAnna Hummel) Panic is amplified by a lack of understanding.  This was the scene I walked upon two nights ago as my wife and daughter were standing over her horse in obvious pain as it was thrashing on the ground.  Without a second thought, my wife called the neighbor who... Continue Reading →

Get Woke

Last year was a full-blown explosion of unreasonable emotions.  The rioting public, in an expression of disagreement with the way police officers apprehended a person of their color, burned down their own cities.  This is like throwing a Molotov cocktail inside your own car to protest the speeding ticket you don’t feel you deserved.  Thankfully,... Continue Reading →


With evidence of Christmas still lingering in the air, warm lights glowing on the tree, and a light snow falling on a very cold night, my wife and I sat in our finally quite living room enjoying just a couple minutes of peace.  One of the blessings of a large family is that our home... Continue Reading →

2020 Christmas Letter

What would Christmas be like without the overcooked and exceptionally fabricated memoir that I like to call my annual Christmas Letter.  In a year hermits the world over are finally recognized as model citizens and there appears to be equal distrust in touching a handrail as touching your own hand, where an unprecedented number of... Continue Reading →

True Love and Chicken Sandwiches

If real men don’t cry…then I’m at significant risk of ovulating. These days it seems that when I bump up against the slightest bit of sentiment tears well up in my eyes. My family just finished watching a movie where two young people found real love and subsequently the girl had cancer and ended up... Continue Reading →

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