When you have children, one of the pinnacle moments of a perfect Christmas, is to see the look of pure wonderment and joy on their face as they open your gift. I saw that look on my son this year, and it wasn’t while he opened mine. His grandparents had forgone the typical gift of... Continue Reading →


We’ve Got Tonight

When it comes to romance, I’ve never been described as smooth. Chunky-style peanut butter that has partially separated leaving you to wonder exactly what else do they put in that stuff…is a more appropriate description. I’ve watched just enough perfect moments at the two-thirds point in a crappy chick flick to know that I’ve yet... Continue Reading →

Christmas Letter 2017

Ahhhh - The family Christmas letter (2017 edition). I’ve been told by nearly every single person that I know that I am bit long on words. Allow this letter to serve as a full replacement for an actual human interaction where you would be forced to choke down a entire bucket of my drivel while... Continue Reading →

Careless Whispers

There’s a song from the 80’s by the late George Michael called, “Careless Whisper.” This song is absolutely from it’s generation with a canned drum beat and soul twisting saxophone solos. The chorus has the line, “I’m never gonna dance again, guilty feet have got no rhythm.” Every time I hear that line I don’t... Continue Reading →

Half Way

There’s something about reaching the mid point that causes us to become retrospective. Every century I’ve ridden comes with a moment at about 50 miles where I’m reviewing the first part of the ride and making decisions about the rest. I remember the first time I rode around Lake Coeur d’Alene. The ride was 108... Continue Reading →

Not Alone

When I began my high school career, I moved into a new city the same year. There are few feelings of loneliness that can top being at the peak of awkward in the middle of several thousand people, and being sixteen. I remember giving my hair one final check in the mirror, noticing some new... Continue Reading →

Stop and Smell the Farmers…

It is difficult to truly appreciate a feed lot until you attempt to ride through the inevitable plume of the “smell of money” that assaults your senses. As you take full breaths of air that are required to keep you alive, you can literally taste the complex mixture of hay, molasses, corn, poop and urine.... Continue Reading →

Big Like Me

The first day I held my boy in my arms I remember thinking, “I hope we can ride bikes together.” As he has gone from a baby being pulled in cart behind me to a toddler on a tricycle to most recently as he has been attacking the pump tracks on his BMX bike, I... Continue Reading →


There is something truly amazing about summiting a climb. On a bike, you can often see the summit for a long time before you actually claw your way over the top. This means, that while you have negotiated with yourselves for the last several miles to hold that little temptation to vomit towards the back... Continue Reading →

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