Half Way

There’s something about reaching the mid point that causes us to become retrospective. Every century I’ve ridden comes with a moment at about 50 miles where I’m reviewing the first part of the ride and making decisions about the rest. I remember the first time I rode around Lake Coeur d’Alene. The ride was 108... Continue Reading →


Not Alone

When I began my high school career, I moved into a new city the same year. There are few feelings of loneliness that can top being at the peak of awkward in the middle of several thousand people, and being sixteen. I remember giving my hair one final check in the mirror, noticing some new... Continue Reading →

Stop and Smell the Farmers…

It is difficult to truly appreciate a feed lot until you attempt to ride through the inevitable plume of the “smell of money” that assaults your senses. As you take full breaths of air that are required to keep you alive, you can literally taste the complex mixture of hay, molasses, corn, poop and urine.... Continue Reading →

Big Like Me

The first day I held my boy in my arms I remember thinking, “I hope we can ride bikes together.” As he has gone from a baby being pulled in cart behind me to a toddler on a tricycle to most recently as he has been attacking the pump tracks on his BMX bike, I... Continue Reading →


There is something truly amazing about summiting a climb. On a bike, you can often see the summit for a long time before you actually claw your way over the top. This means, that while you have negotiated with yourselves for the last several miles to hold that little temptation to vomit towards the back... Continue Reading →

The smell of happiness

I've heard people describe the most important moments in their life as those that take your breath away.  Last night, as I sat at the end of the cow barn while the manure and hay laden dust swirled around my head, I'm pretty sure I was in one of those moments.  That hose that goes... Continue Reading →

I look at Dude’s Legs

I watched a clip the other night of an MMA fighter. There was this great shot where he is standing, arms raised in victory, with blood running down his chin from a busted face. As the camera rotated around him, I caught a glimpse of a wicked case of cauliflower ear. Years of having his... Continue Reading →

She Still Thinks I’m Awesome…

My family was busy tonight with 40%of the kids camping with grandma, 40% showing cows at a fair practice and the remaining sweet little 20% of five-year-old-girl left in my charge. One of the unspoken tragedies of having exceptionally capable daughters is that I am slowing becoming entirely incompetent in the kitchen. With little knowledge... Continue Reading →

Evidently, I’m a Crier…

One attribute that defines American manliness is a lack of crying. Real men can take on significant emotional distress or happiness with complete control over their tear ducts. Our movies and culture have developed a knee jerk response to crying that can be seen on every t-ball field across this great land as fathers inform... Continue Reading →

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