Finisher Medals

A few days ago, I rode the fastest 50-mile ride of my career. It didn’t end with a ride under an inflatable finish line and there were no volunteers standing in ready to put a medal around my salty neck. Actually, my family wasn’t even home when I finished. As I rolled my bike across... Continue Reading →


Trade your passion for glory…

When you need to check the finger holes of your mitt for spiders, it’s a good sign that you are probably near the top of your gaming potential. I was born with significant eye issues.  As I understand the story, my parents realized this when a bottle of soap was dropped towards my face and... Continue Reading →

For Want of a Hero

I wrote this several years ago and snuck it into my grandpa's local news paper as a surprise.  I thought is might be fitting on Flag Day.   When I was a boy, there was a life-size poster of Michael Jordan on the wall in my bedroom. I idolized this man who forever changed basketball.... Continue Reading →

Four Miles Per Hour

Growing up, my brother was really good looking…shoot, he’s still really good looking. When I was a teenager, this was a special form of torture. I can’t even remember all of the girls that would do everything they could to get close to my brother. I even had a few of my “friends” get closer... Continue Reading →

Couples Therapy

They say that misery loves company…so does craving biscuits and gravy.  It’s a funny thing that we almost always want the people around us to be at the exact same level we are.  If I’m killing a diet, I want everyone else to sit around with growling stomachs and a plate full of satanic kale. ... Continue Reading →

Cycling Tribes

I like to believe it is a choice I am making, but nearly all of my riding is done alone. I find that the therapy a person can tap into when slamming out miles after a long day is quite valuable. However, every once in awhile I get to ride with other people, and I... Continue Reading →

SAG Wagon Blues

There are few moments in athletics that are more demoralizing than when you feel forced to call the SAG wagon and take yourself out.  Something in our DNA suggests that giving up is incrementally worse than to die trying.  A few years back I watched American cycling hero Kristin Armstrong finish a time trial after... Continue Reading →

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