The smell of happiness

I've heard people describe the most important moments in their life as those that take your breath away.  Last night, as I sat at the end of the cow barn while the manure and hay laden dust swirled around my head, I'm pretty sure I was in one of those moments.  That hose that goes... Continue Reading →


I look at Dude’s Legs

I watched a clip the other night of an MMA fighter. There was this great shot where he is standing, arms raised in victory, with blood running down his chin from a busted face. As the camera rotated around him, I caught a glimpse of a wicked case of cauliflower ear. Years of having his... Continue Reading →

She Still Thinks I’m Awesome…

My family was busy tonight with 40%of the kids camping with grandma, 40% showing cows at a fair practice and the remaining sweet little 20% of five-year-old-girl left in my charge. One of the unspoken tragedies of having exceptionally capable daughters is that I am slowing becoming entirely incompetent in the kitchen. With little knowledge... Continue Reading →

Evidently, I’m a Crier…

One attribute that defines American manliness is a lack of crying. Real men can take on significant emotional distress or happiness with complete control over their tear ducts. Our movies and culture have developed a knee jerk response to crying that can be seen on every t-ball field across this great land as fathers inform... Continue Reading →

I Prefer Springsteen

I am typically an optimist. I’m also an engineer. It means that I am surrounded by people who are ready to correct my positive outlook with facts that suggest something different. In the last couple months, my wife and I have been distance training to be able to complete a century (100 miles). Every single... Continue Reading →

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