Couples Therapy

They say that misery loves company…so does craving biscuits and gravy.  It’s a funny thing that we almost always want the people around us to be at the exact same level we are.  If I’m killing a diet, I want everyone else to sit around with growling stomachs and a plate full of satanic kale. ... Continue Reading →

Cycling Tribes

I like to believe it is a choice I am making, but nearly all of my riding is done alone. I find that the therapy a person can tap into when slamming out miles after a long day is quite valuable. However, every once in awhile I get to ride with other people, and I... Continue Reading →

SAG Wagon Blues

There are few moments in athletics that are more demoralizing than when you feel forced to call the SAG wagon and take yourself out.  Something in our DNA suggests that giving up is incrementally worse than to die trying.  A few years back I watched American cycling hero Kristin Armstrong finish a time trial after... Continue Reading →

Everything is a Snake!

  This year marks my 11th season cycling.  There have been many changes through the years from the tightness of my spandex (I am convinced that this stuff shrinks during the winter…every year), the amount of salt in my so called “salt & pepper” hair, and the way that people "wave" at me when they... Continue Reading →

Gimmick Run

With a near instantaneous feeling of regret, I suggested to my wife that I would be her running partner at the Bubble Run.  Within mere moments, I received a confirmation email that I been signed up for “good clean run.”  Visions of me prancing across the oversized inflatable finish line in a tutu started to... Continue Reading →

Serious…like a heart attack

There is something about seeing your dad’s naked backside sticking out of a hospital gown while he duck-walks to the bathroom with wires trailing behind him that forces you to think about life.  Two days ago I found myself included on a group text that started with the classic description of a heart attack.  There... Continue Reading →

My Longest Hour

Everyone has had that horrific feeling.  That momentary panic when, in a micro second, we realize that the teeny little bit of gas we were letting go…. wasn’t alone.  The most common response is a full body lock down where every single ounce of strength within the inner soul of the man is clenched to... Continue Reading →

Did I catch you looking at my spandex?

When I first took up cycling, I was resolved that I would not be one of those weirdos embracing the strange European leaning practice of wearing spandex on a bicycle. After all, I’m an American. It would be more appropriate for me to be wearing chaps and flannel shirt than spandex. With 30 years of... Continue Reading →

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